The Department of Education is pleased to announce the opening of a new round of Creative Clusters.  The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 14th May 2021.  Applications are to be submitted to


Please see the following link for more details: Creative Clusters

Schools can apply as part of a cluster which may be an existing network of schools.

A school nearing the end of year 2 of an existing Creative Cluster can reapply to be in a new cluster where the other schools in the new cluster have not participated before.

Schools nearing the end of 2 years with Creative Schools are eligible to apply.

The local Teacher Education Support Centre will have a key role in identifying and supporting a Creative Cluster for their local area.

A total of 21 Creative Clusters will be selected nationally – One successful Creative Cluster per Education Centre.  Applications should be emailed to:

Any queries, please contact your local Education Centre or email Arts in Education Administration

Creative Clusters is an initiative of the Department of Education, led by and in partnership with the 21 full-time Teacher Education Centres (Education Support Centres Ireland – ESCI) and funded through the Schools Excellence Fund.